Ad Maven Best Pop Under Network For Publishers & Advertisers

ad maven ad network review

You are a blogger or a publisher?

Do you run a blog?

Would you like to monazite your blog with someone more better than casual Google Ads? Then you must check out, which is one of the best pop under network for publishers.

ad maven ad network review


Why You Should Run Ad-Maven Ads On Your Blog?

Ad Maven ad network is founded by the best minds in the advertising and security industry, Ad-Maven is a leading pop under ad network with experts in managing and monetizing high volumes of traffic from all across the globe.

A platform that maximizes its publishers’ revenue and help you get the highest CPM rates, bypassing all ad-block extensions and offering so much more!

A Variety of Ads For Publisher

Ad maven offers you to choose from a large number of monetization options for your blog or website such as pop under ads, pop up ads, NewTab, banners, lightbox, slider, interstitial and more.

Bypass all Ad-block Extensions

Another great thing about ad maven pop under ad network is that it is efficient of bypassing all ad-block extensions and software, which thereby helps publishers with about 25% increase in revenue.

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Advanced Technology

With a 25 years experience in the field of advertising and security, the R&D team (Research and Development team) at Webpick Internet Holdings constructed a unique RTB system. So with the highly advanced self-serve platform, you can rest assured to get the best results in the shortest time.

Sophisticated System that Tracks Everything

Ad Maven network has a devoted analytics and reporting team that has developed a sophisticated system to track, determine and analyze all data that they collect from both publishers and advertisers. This heaving tracking helps them optimize performance of their various ads for maximum revenue in the shortest time.

Both advertisers and publishers also get access to an online account at Ad-Maven where they can follow the process of their advertising campaign and also keep a track of the value they have generated. You get detailed statistics with their fine reporting and analytics system.

All kind of Websites accepted

Ad Maven accepts all kinds of websites and blogs with no minimum visits or traffic to worry about. Ad-Maven pop ad network also allow all niche websites and you just have to join their as network and increase your revenue from their high CPM rates and greater revenue generations. They also allow adult content websites to join their ad network. You will be provided the best ad units according to your niche and audience.

Accepts Worldwide Traffic

Ad Maven advertising network accepts world wide traffic coming from anywhere and everywhere across the world.

User Accounts

All user accounts at Ad-Maven are handled individually. This suggests that each account on Ad Maven is assigned with a dedicated account manager, who handles all aspects of the live campaign going on with that account.

The account manager stays in touch with the advertiser or publisher on regular basis, maintaining frequent communication at all steps. The account managers at Ad Maven are thus, equally responsible for the campaign’s success.

They help you utilise the Reporting and Analytics features of Ad-Maven network the right way and are always available for any sort of consulting.

And yes, they are genuine!

Many question the authenticity of Ad Maven ad network as they fear what if the network turns out to be a scam.

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Timely Payouts

While many publishers doubt it to be a scam advertising network, Ad Maven advertising network is definitely not one of them. They offer timely one-time payments at the end of each month, without fail. But the minimum payout amount is $50 for Ad Maven so you will have to wait till your generated revenue amount reaches $50.

Its automated payment system ensures proper timely payments so that publishers do not have to worry about stuff like sending reminders or asking for payment.

Multiple Payment Options

Ad Maven network allows you to take payments from many payments getaways. Its multiple payments options including payments via Payoneer, Wire transfer and PayPal, ensures easy withdrawals of earnings.

Final Words About Ad-Maven ad Network

As long as you are able to attract quality users with high engagement activities to your blog or website, the Ad Maven advertising network would never fail to help you reach maximum revenue with a large variety of ads from the best advertisers.

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