Host1Plus VPS Hosting Review: Start Your Business in $2.00


If you are in need of making your business grow without any limitations and having full access to the server then Virtual Private Server is quite possibly the most appropriate service that you can think of. With its own operating system and client access to an ultimate level, setting up any software, configuring settings and increasing your need without the server drawing boundaries is what makes VPS so popular.


Being on a better level than shared hosting facilities, private servers will enable you to have root access, flexibility, scalability, stability and of course affordability. It is considered to be much more cost effective, especially for new business or ones with small but a dedicated venture.

Now if you are in need of services that can effectively deal with your business needs with keeping you at the prime centre, then such private access to servers can be an ideal way to start off. Moreover considering that it is cost effective, a large investment need not be made.

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Host1Plus VPS hosting Features

Host1Plus provides VPS facilities with control and stability being their prime focus. With locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Johannesburg, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo and Hong Kong, there is availability of reliance, support, stability and performance.


There are certain promised benefits that you are likely to receive as soon as you include the package deals for your needs. Hosting traits of Host1Plus VPS is as follows:

  • Right from Ubuntu to Debian, Fedora, Suse and CentOS, you are invited for root access, flexibility and control over several such Linux operating systems.
  • Domain Name System is vital for your business and getting full access to change records and set domain zones can be fruitful.
  • With usage statistics visible any time you want; managing overuse is made simple.
  • If you are opening a new sector, being on a budget is very important and scalability ensures you of the same. You can utilize resources to manage your needs accordingly.
  • Host1Plus provides an easy installation and activation procedure for the VPS setting.
  • Virtual console entrance makes it possible for you to have immediate recovery access.
  • With proper DNS management, you can donate time to your business and projects rather than looking for support.

Going through affordable lines

Host1Plus is a Cheap VPS hosting provider starts from $2, which is affordable for organisations that have just started off and needs a dedicated server without faulty disturbances. There are a total of 6 plans available for customers, namely Amber, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. The service deals and price of each package differs according to the benefits provided. If you are taking up a plan that involves extended months of service then there is a 20% discount on the bills.


  • Amber charges $2 mo with 500 GB bandwidth, 20 GB disk space and 256 MB of RAM.
  • Bronze comes at $5 mo along with 60 GB disk space, 1000 GB bandwidth and more RAM and CPU than Bronze.
  • Silver takes on a higher level with 2000 GB bandwidth, 80 GB disk space and much more at a discounted rate of $10 mo.
  • Gold plan comes at $20 mo and 3000 GB Bandwidth, 4096 MB RAM, 200 GB space and more.
  • Platinum comes at a pinch of $45 along with 7000 GB bandwidth, 6 Crores CPU, 500 GB of disk space and more.
  • With a concession price of $85, the diamond plan comes WITH 12000 Bandwidth, 1000 GB space, 16384 RAM and 8 crores CPU.

Cost effective packaged deals are made a constant feature of Host1Plus due to the increasing demands of start ups and organisations that need proper services at affordable rates without compromising on the quality of facilities provided.

Services that each plan includes

There are a total of nine important features that are included in all of the packages. With each package deal you are serviced with:

  • Linux OS
  • Solid State Driver caching
  • 500 Mbps uplink
  • Zero-cost backups
  • OpenVZ facilities available for running multiple VPS
  • Information storage of Redundant array of independent disk
  • Processors include Intel Xeon
  • Sustaining IPv4 and IPv6 2
  • Uptime guarantee of 99.9%


With these services, the availability of data backup for security purposes, high speed internet services for stable business needs, easy and effortless management of your website, improved coding with PHP selections, installing necessary applications for creating WordPress sites and managing a long list of email services without having to lose data or clients is what you are offered.

Host1Plus analysed

The VPS Hosting package deals are appropriately placed and are quite apt for those wanting to enjoy affordable services along with quality management. If there is a need to venture out further and involve more resources, it can be effortlessly achieved. Moreover each plan consistently includes some high facilities no matter whether you are opting for Amber or Platinum.

If you are just starting up, the most affordable plan can be the best deal for you. For dedicated services and flexible VPS hosting deals, Host1Plus seems a more than standard service that you can effectively take up for your business ventures.

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