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Make money online with Infolinks

Are you a blogger? Do you want to make money from your blog? Then, you have landed up to the right post. Keep reading!

For those who are already running a blog or a website, or planning to do so, let us tell you that you have a very great chance to turn it into a profitable venture. In the age of internet, almost the entire world lives online. In such a time, when we have the entire world online, businesses try to partner with successful publishers to market their services and products. So, that’s where you have an opportunity to make your blog or website a lucrative venture.

Make money online with Infolinks


Where does Infolinks come in the picture?

Once your site is up and running, use ‘Infolinks’ which is the innovative ad network powered by Intent. Join this network to earn money through your blog.

Get more traffic: Attract lots and lots of visitors to your website or blog to generate more revenue. Create great content that would be loved by all so that you can attract lots of visitors to your website. You should pick a topic that you are passionate about so that you can entertain your followers. With Infolinks you can turn your traffic into a consistent revenue system.

Get Infolinks

Infolinks is a great network to join. It pays some 150,000 publishers and site owners in over 130 different countries. Infolinks offers advanced native ads that make it a must-have monetization solution for every blogger and online publisher.

Why Infolinks?

Though a number of monetization options like Google AdSense and other affiliate marketing networks are available online to make money from your blog or website, Infolinks is also one of the must-haves.

It’s not easy to get through Google AdSense approval process and even when you do Google’s regular algorithm updates are hard to deal with. You never know when an algorithm update would hit your blog or website and your account would get disabled. So, you can’t rely on Google AdSense as the only monetization solution for your blog.

Infolinks is a good way to make more money from your blog. It provides effective and efficient native advertising in real-time:

  • The native ads by Infolinks are Intent based, which means that these smart ads surface based on the user intent. So, the user is more likely to check them out.
  • Infolinks delivers relevant ads in milliseconds. It is the right platform for real-time ads.
  • The ads by Infolinks are high-performing. These ads improve engagement and increase performance, thereby, leading you to generate more and more revenue.

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Infolinks Offers You the Right Ads

Get the right kind of ads to benefit from your blog or website of compelling, interesting content. Generate good revenue with relevant ads that your readers and site visitors want to click on. Infolinks provides you a range of native ads, including the following:

  • InArticle ads, which are highly viewable ads that open up once the user engages with your page’s content. This includes various ad formats like video and native that aim to boost engagement and revenue.
  • InFold ads are clever ad units that take advantage of the use of search and display. InFold ads appear in unique locations right above the fold and deliver ads on a wider scale of traffic.
  • InText ads that are native and highly effective ads matching the most valuable keywords of your content. These ads are neatly presented within your page’s text and thus, they deliver effective results.
  • InScreen ads are interstitial ads that function as an ad intermission between page views. These are user intent ads that are well-timed with the website content.
  • InFrame ads that are optimised for widescreens on unused real estate. They display attractive banners that appear alongside your content. The ads are relevant and perfectly timed.
  • InTag ads help you advertise outside the box. It displays the most valuable keywords that are directly related to the content of your page in highly customised ad units.

Infolinks Referral Program

Infolinks is an advertising platform that lets you refer and earn 10% of their revenue or ad spends, so you have a reason to invite your friends to Infolinks advertising network of publishers and advertisers.

How does it work?

Using the Infolinks Referral program is very simple. Visit the Referral Program page of Infolinks. Get your unique referral link and share it with your friends.

Why should you join their referral program?

  • It is a beneficial deal to join Infolinks’ referral program. You should not miss on this rewarding opportunity. You can earn 10% from each of your referral’s revenue for 12 months.
  • Get real-time sites sign-up reports and live statistics 24/7. Live statistics help you keep a track of everything happening around your Infolinks account.

Some Stats:

Look at these stats that will convince you to use Infolinks for making money with your blog or website:

  • 100,000 websites worldwide use Infolinks
  • Some 240 million monthly unique users
  • 1.5 billion monthly ad views
  • 6th largest advertising network

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Infolinks Adshop

Infolinks AdShop is a self-serve platform which is very easy-to-use and straight forward platform meant for Real-time Advertising. It’s having its own advanced tools that helps a lot to navigate your all audience, & track them easily. The major part is, all the advertisers from across the world are attracted with this “Infolinks AdShop”. Additionally, it makes Dashboard Navigation very easier and everything is clearly labelled and positioned exactly as per the expectations.

AdShop mainly focuses on these 3 features to be mentioned below:-

  1. Create a campaign
  2. Pay per click
  3. To grow your business

Easy Sign Up for Infolinks

It is extremely easy for users like you to sign up for Infolinks. There is no long approval process to keep you waiting. All you need to do is to visit Infolink’s official website and Sign Up.

Unlike other advertising platforms, Infolinks is open to every online publisher and blogger, big or small, old or new. There is no setup fees, no minimum page views or visitors requirements and no hidden commitments.

Just enter your website address, add a snippet of code to your site and start getting paid as soon as visitors view those ads.

So, in three simple steps we can quote it as:

So you see, there is no reason why you shouldn’t monetise your content now with Infolinks.


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