Review: First Push Notification Advertising Network Review: First Push Notification Advertising Network

When we are talking about the best online marketing tools then we cannot forget about push notifications for mobile app publishers.

It is quite good for effective interaction with the users. They just pop up the ads on your device and generate an alert from your apps. This is quite beneficial for the interaction with the users.

Until recently, advertisers create their own app and market them to use push notification service. is the first push notification ad network for the advertisers. Review.png

This platform benefited lots of advertisers to send a push notification to the targeted audiences. This service is available to both mobile devices and desktop users.


Know about Push Notification

Lots of people are familiar with the push notification service as this is the notification which pops up on your screen. These push notification services are quite customizable and they can be categorized as local offers, important software updates, transactional purchases, and system generated alerts. They can supply timely information to consumers.

This feature is less intrusive than text messages. The apps like Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.; are utilizing this service.

The range of the push notification is quite wide from your Ola is waiting, or someone liked your status on Instagram to location-based coupons.

Ultimate Features of Push Notifications

One of the biggest benefits of these push notification is that it will give you highest click along with lots of other advantages. If you are an advertiser then sending a real-time notification to users is quite beneficial as it will trigger immediate responses. Active users

There are some other useful benefits of push notifications so it is quite clear that you should use these notifications on your site.

Well, we all are aware of these push notifications but there are some advantages that we don’t know about them. So if you want to know about some interesting benefits of push notifications then you can follow our article. So here are some pros of push notifications for the advertisers:

  • Easy customization which helps in targeting your audience.
  • Major increase (approximate 50% in an hour) in interactions with your users.
  • One more benefit is that lots of users share their locations (about 60%).
  • The ignore rates are quite low from the customers (less than 10%).
  • Customers find these location-based alerts quite handy and useful.

There is one more fact that the highest calculated engagement from push notification is from the eCommerce industry. So these push notifications are very much useful for the advertisers. is CPA friendly and in addition, it affiliated. It does not support sweepstakes, binary, dating, gambling and crypto verticals at all.

So, you can try without any hesitation because lots of experienced media buyers suggest You can observe that the team is upfront with the fees and rules. for Advertise

The homepage of contains all the details of pricing and uses per country. So, we can say that transparency is the key feature of There are several other things that you can observe on the homepage. These are mentioned below in the article:

  • Details of click per day which is more than 20 million
  • The structure of the payment system
  • Tracker
  • Details of traffic from the entire world
  • Minimum price (0.001 $ per click)
  • Detailed Target Setting

All these details will help the users to choose the right option for their sites. The team always tale of their customers as they provide you with all the necessary details on time. The homepage is quite detailed and contains lots of important information regarding clicks and payment structures. This clears that is the right option for you. Advantages

Steps to Create your First Campaign with

The best part about is that the dashboard is very easy to use. You can notice this while making your account. The main page contains different key matrices like total ad spend and your number. The technologies and the way of representing things show that the team belongs to an affiliate marketing background.

If you are willing to set up your first campaign on then you just have to follow the three main steps. These three important steps are mentioned below in the article:

  • Firstly, we have to sign up on the website and then deposit the funds in the account. You have to deposit a minimum amount of $100 USD in the account and the best part is that they offer you bonuses for larger deposits. You can pay through different payment options according to your conveniences like a Credit card, PayPal and direct transfer. Some people are fed up from holdings, so you can try payment via Bitcoin. You can make money by investing in Bitcoin here.
  • Now you have to click on the “Start a New Campaign” button which is present on the left menu of your screen. Here you can update your settings and this page needs to be filled out very carefully. If you have any question then you must read every drop down for an explanation. Your image should be of 492 X 328 pixels and icon should be of 192 X 192 pixels. Please keep one thing in mind that the average cost differs from countries to countries.
  • The third and last step is to keep improving your account. You cannot expect profit from the beginning unless to start optimizing and keep improving. Keep trying different text, images, browsers, times of the day, offers and devices. When you have 20+ million clicks per day then you will be getting directly in front of millions of clients. This eliminates the third party app tracks because everything is present on the statistics page.

The Last Words

Since has lots of benefits but it doesn’t own mobile apps. is one of the best push notification sites. It is an affiliate friendly network.

The team offers 24/7 support to the customers and that why people prefer So what are you waiting for? Start you first campaign with in just 3 steps as mentioned above in the article.

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