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Movavi Video editor review


Create Awesome Movies With Movavi Video Editor

Whether it’s office or making a special gift for your special one, there’s no doubt that the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” holds true. With movies and videos however, you can go even one step further by creating something that will leave the boardroom gasping for words and your loved ones jumping with joy.

However, creating an audio video masterpiece is not a piece of cake. Because a lot can go wrong:

  • How to choose a good video editing software for mac & windows?
  • Editing a video on timeline
  • Add some of your creative spark by adding your favorite piece of music, titles and fade
  • Adding more fades and other effects
  • Saving those clips in popular formats to share it on the go

If these questions cause you sleepless nights, worry no more. With the arrival of Movavi easy to use video editor, say goodbye to all the hassles of video making while enjoying countless options of video editing and enhancement.

Movavi Video editor review

Perfect Video Editor Software “No One Can Compete”

While there exist plethora of options for making cool video clips for Windows users, the opposite holds true for the legion of Mac fanatics. With the arrival of Movavi though, all that is set to change. An exclusive product for Mac & Windows, the Movavi video editor has been designed specifically with the single-minded drive to deliver the users an experience of editing and enhancing video clips on their systems.

Pick Best and Easy To Use Video Editor Software

The Movavi video editor comes with numerous options for creating a lasting impression – be it on the professional scene or in your personal life, the multitude of options that are there ensure that you get all the options possible to create your perfect video.

While editing the video on your timeline, you can also add music to the slides in the foreground, titles to the videos and/or upcoming subsections, applying creative effects on your videos to add some of your magic and create a whole new experience for your viewers.

When your audience demand that those clips be at their desktop, you don’t need to fret over the compatibility issues as Movavi supports numerous popular formats for the media thereby letting all the ones who want it, to get it on their machines.

Apart from all the amazing options and loads of great features to take your breath away, Movavi doesn’t let you compromise on the speed. Create the videos, add the effects and filters and download, all while your coffee maker is getting ready to brew you a fresh cup of java. You have heard about quality but marrying it with speed? That’s something new. And yes, it’s okay if you’re rubbing your eyes. Same happened to many when they first heard (The others shook heads and had a sarcastic smile which faded away).

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What’s more, the options that are on offer don’t hide behind messy drop-downs or ambiguous icons, they’re there in front of you to use it. So say goodbye to being flustered with the hassles of finding what you need.

If you can’t wait to try out what’s in store you can check it right now for free!!

Here’s a quick crash course about best video editor software:

Add Files to Movavi Video Editor

Add the videos you want to play around with. Don’t worry about the format. We’ve explained above: it supports all the popular formats. If there are a bunch of them, don’t be vexed. You can add more than one video to edit them all. And if you have some pictures you want to create something fun from, we’ve got you covered.

Erase the blunders that nearly ruined your perfect moments

Once the videos have been added, you can cut the footage in parts, do away with those faux pas that ruined your videos or photobombers stealing your thunder.

What’s more?

Enhance, Enhance and if still not satisfied Enhance more!

Blurry pics of your pup you wished could have been saved? An indelible moment with your friends you wished could be a bit brighter or some enhancements on something you know could do with some enhancement? Do all that and much more from the options popping-up on the menu bar

Add your own groove and give it a twist

Now that the visual aesthetics have been taken care of, it’s your music that can be added into those pics and/or videos. With over 18 popular formats supported on Movavi, you can choose your favorite artist humming in the background. If the audio needs something more, an applause in the background, peals of laughter or something else, go ahead and spice up your video.

If there’s a title that you guess is missing or an animation that is lacking, feel free to include them. If the title needs some more formatting then feel free to do so.

Save you video and export

And voila! You’re done with creating your masterpiece so now go ahead and save it on your Mac. Want it to share it with your friends on Android? Done. Itching to upload it on Youtube and Facebook? No Problem, Do what you wish with the piece of art you just created with the endless options on offer.

In addition to all the features, has it been mentioned that the slideshows made from Movavi cause quite a stir? Wanted to revisit that moment when your bestie fell off the edge straight into the pool? Rewind to your heart’s content.

The final verdict?

In addition to enhancing the videos, you can clear your audio files of all the unwanted interruptions, background noises, annoying echos and much more with Movavi video editor software it’s outranks all other editors out there. So go ahead, install and enjoy!

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