Never Buy Backlinks: It Can Decrease SEO Ranking

Never Buy Backlinks

Backlinks are the off page SEO factor which can increase domain authority and ranking in search results it may be known as inlinks, inbound links, incoming links and inward links.

Never Buy Backlinks

Number of backlinks shows popularity of webpage, Except SEO it also shows semantic or personal interest of reader those pay attention to that page and this interest start decreasing when people buy backlinks.

Backlinks are the back bone of site which can¬†be generated by commenting or it may be given to site through reader or user.¬†Whenever site get backlink then many question arises in our mind ” is it¬†dofollow or nofollow backlink“, “is this backlink is from high Pr site” or ” this is high quality backlink or not”?

Leave all these questions and think from which site you got the backlink? if the backlink is related to your site niche then backlink will helpful for your site otherwise it may penalize your site.

Tip: If you provide “dofollow link” or “share link juice” with irrelevant sites then it will penalize.

Till we study about backlinks and its importance but still we haven’t reach at the conclusion of “never buy backlinks“.

There are many sites from where you can purchase backlinks and they give¬†surety of providing high pr backlinks (pr7, pr8, pr9 or pr10) and people think this is the best way of increasing linking without doing lot of work and they buy backlink cheap price but they don’t know there is no¬†best place to buy backlinks.

But Google make a fool of all those people who buy backlink and penalize all those sites which contain paid links.



Why you should “Never buy backlinks” and how Google see these links

As we all know Google algorithm’s are very smart and we can’t make fool of them, algorithm’s can¬†check how you are exchanging links as per goods or money.

These are the link schemes which help google robots to find paid links.

    1. Linking with those sites which are not related to each other both are of different niche.
    2. Those backlinks which generated automatically from same IP.
    3. Large number of links present in the sidebars, navigation bar or in footer.
    4. Backlinks from different languages sites like your content is in English and linking from Russian or Chinese content sites.
    5. A webpage which contain a lot of links in anchor texts and content.
    6. Hidden links in CSS and Javascripts.
    7. Large-scale guest posting or reviews are the signs that you bought links.
    8. Cross linking of links with partners.
    9. Irrelevant anchor texts.

See this video: 

How Google hit those sites who “buy quality backlinks”?

When Google robots find you are purchasing¬†backlinks from the above criteria and you are not following their algorithms then your site will be in big danger. Google starts rotating down ranking of those sites which carry paid links and if it find some major issue then it may ban permanently from the search result’s.

How site get affected:

  1. Suddenly content ranking start decreasing in search results.
  2. Due to bad effect in ranking, traffic start decreasing
  3. Decrease site authority.
  4. Domain can be banned from google search result.
  5. Penalty sites come under Google eye, if site violet Google SEO criteria then it may also banned.

Take a Look:

The google update in 2012 against over optimization, many sites get completely penalized by google such as, and more thousands of site so, you don’t try to buy backlink for seo.

Webmaster Guidelines email

How to find and remove penalize links?

You can find bad links by using Google webmaster tools, Majestic SEO, Fresh Web Explorer and Link Research tools.

You must have to remove spammy links, links not related to content and that links which are present in large amount from single root domain.

Removal of bad links become necessary and there are 1000’s of links which can not be removed manually so you can use Google disavow tool.

Google Disavow links

See This video of Disavow link by Matt cutt’s

You can see recovery of site stats in between a week or it may also take few days to recover properly.

Complaint Box: You can report to google of paid link through this forum.

So, What to do? how to create backlinks for your website?

That’s not a big issue you can get back links by using several method’s and these method make permanent backlink for your website.

  1. By Blog commenting (using this Backlink Generator Tool)
  2. You can generate links using infographic
  3. Submit your article on submission sites.
  4. Fix broken links
  5. Guest posting
  6. Submit your site to feed back site

And there are more 17 method to generate backlink’s by brian dein “must read“.

Conclusion:¬†Conclusion is short and sweet “Stop buying links and stop getting lot of penalties”.

Stop buy backlinks and try to build original links from several high quality domain’s and definitely your site will receive positive ranking signals. That’s it.

If you have any query then “Share with us” you will get better solution.

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