Template Monster Released Social Stock With Easy To Win Prizes

Social Stock Template Monster

Social Stock is a money-making project that makes it easier to earn money online in web design niche. Social Stock follows a simple process of registration that makes it easier for users.

Anyone can join the Social Stock Contest and start earning money by just spreading the word about the competition within your online community. Grab more and more points to get exciting prizes and benefits with the Social Stock contest.

Social Stock Template Monster


Template Monster Themes

Social Stock is a one-year long contest that is intended for all social media fans. In this contest you earn points for spreading the word about the contest all across your online community.

The users started spreading the word about Template Monster themes under the Social Stock contest. In fact, they even started selling the themes by Template Monster at 10% discounted rates by telling more and more people about it.

With this contest, the participants at Social Stock had a chance to earn points and thereafter win a number of cool prizes. This is done using promo code.

Promo Code

Each participant gets a promo code. Any sale made using that person’s promo code accounts to be made by that person. And the person gains points for all sales completed by applying his/her promo code. The participants can then take exciting gifts in exchange of a certain amount of points.


Every participant, who manages to promote sales, by spreading the word about the contest, gets to collect points, which they can exchange for exciting prizes. This year, the participants of the Social Stock contest were awarded with prizes like:

Thousands of bucks, 5 cameras, 5 iPhones, 10 iPads, and 2 MacBooks.

While some participants get satisfied with these prizes, a number of participants from this year are still collecting points so that they can collect a lot of points and manage to win Tesla or Harley.

Many of the participants haven’t used their points by exchanging them for prizes because they are aiming for the bigger benefits such as Tesla or Harley.

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Pre-designed Promotional Materials

Social Stock brings you a number of pre-designed banners and pre-written texts that help you spread the word about the contest. But still the participants have to do the really work. It totally depends on how much efforts a participant puts in spreading the word and how persistent the participant is to make the contest reach more and more people in his/her online community.

The more you make everyone around know about the contest, such as, the chance to save 10% on any premium theme from Template Monster.

Contest Date Extended

This year’s contest of promoting the Template Monster themes and its discount of 10%, was supposed to end on December 31, 2016. But people took great interest in this Social Stock contest because of which Template Monster decided to extend the deadline of the contest for another year.

So, participants have more time to compete, promote the 10% discount, earn points and aim for your dream prize. You can keep promoting the themes by Template Monster and collecting more and more points till the end of this year – 2017. This will indeed grow your chance of winning Tesla Model S or Harley Davidson Street.

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Register with Social Stock

If you haven’t registered yet for the Social Stock contest, it is high time to get registered and enroll yourself for an opportunity to grab exciting prizes. Register yourself with Social Stock Template Monster, get your unique promo code, and share it with your friends and everyone else in your online community.

Tell more and more people about the 10% discount on premium theme by Template Monster. Especially, share about it to friends and people who would be interested in creating websites for a food blog or websites for business with Template Monster themes, or for an author or a motivational speaker who needs to channelize things with a professional website or blog.

Basically you need to create a buzz online making all of your online community and people you know, know about the Template Monster theme. For this you may take help of all the tools that Social Stock provides all participants. Let’s see who wins the big prizes!

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