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STM Forum Review 2023: Is it Worth The Money Or Scam?

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Start learning on STM Forum

If you are into the affiliate industry then you may know about STM Forum. 

If you don’t know then in short it is a leading forum where top affiliates, experts, ad networks, and affiliate networks share their strategies. They even do share working case studies of how they are making or made $$$. 

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STM Forum Review

STM forum is a popular affiliate marketing forum leading in the industry for a long time. It is worth it for beginners as well as for experts because here you can take the benefits of learning with experts, industry updates, 100% legit case studies, networking & more.


If you go with your own there can be a probability of 1:10 & you have to spend on each out of 10 campaigns to find the profitable one & there may be a chance that you won’t get ROI.


About STM Forum

STM Forum Review

STM Forum is the leading paid affiliate marketing forum around the world, which helps to generate huge revenue for the people who join in this. The affiliates of STM Forum are pulling off impressive profits and the only reason is the homely environment that creates for the affiliates. For the world’s biggest Affiliates, STM Forum is a home, safe haven and it requires a few short months to generate more revenue.

If you are looking for a discount then you may find the working STM forum coupon code here.

Why waste money & time when experts are already sharing their strategies with proper case studies?

Here we are not referring to any shortcut way to make money with affiliate marketing or with any online way. 

Disclaimer: There is no shortcut of earning money with STM Forum, you still have to work hard but Yes! things will get easier for you to understand & smoother because you can see the case studies on how things are working.

Why Choose Only STM Forum

The main question may arise why should you trust STM Forum? As you know there are many communities or forums on the web but still why STM Forum is still a good option.

  • STM Forum is a 100% active forum.
  • Top industry-leading experts are sharing value majorly on this forum.
  • There is no paid promotional stuff or Clickbait things as the community is operated in a very strict & legit way so that no one can spam or misuse it.
  • Managed by a reputed company which is “iStack Conferences” & this company is helping the whole affiliate community by hosting high-end affiliate events worldwide.
  • If you go for testing on your own you may spend $1000+ on ad campaigns but still, the probability of ROI is less. So with the STM forum community, your affiliate campaigns’ ROI probability can be high.
  • STM Forum is for everyone, whether you are an expert or a beginner but the juice of value never ends here at any stage.

How We Got To Know About STM Forum

As the events of iStack Conferences are globally popular so we took a decision to attend the event. Purchased the Affiliate World Asia Bangkok, in 2019 and booked the flight tickets. After this we were going through the event & found the STM Forum booth & met Amy Chang working for STM Forum, she explained how the STM forum is helping affiliate marketers and top experts share their strategies.

We were not believing initially in Amy Chang that why would experts share their strategies if it is working for them because majorly no one loves to share the working strategies & this is a bitter truth.

My partner told me to let’s trust once because if a reputed company “iStack Conference” is offering a global event with 2000+ attendees that time back in 2019 then they may offer obviously something good. It’s shocking but TRUE! Now they have crossed 3000+ attendees & the main part, the event is not offering a single free ticket but still they achieved this number & doing more which is huge.

We found working case studies & our mind got blown because if we get the cheat sheet it saves our time, and money & increases the probability of ROI getting high.

STM Forum Benefits

  1. Proven Case Studies
  2. Networking opportunities with super affiliates and entrepreneurs.
  3. Stay Updated on what’s going in the industry
  4. You can ask unlimited questions in the forum community & other members will answer you in the community.
  5. Easy to build a strong network with Ad networks & affiliate networks as they are also on this forum.
  6. Special discounts, promo code for affiliate tools like Voluum & bonus deposit of ad networks for eg. Propeller Ads $100 bonus promo code if you load money in any ad network, free $1652 training courses, and more.
  7. From the world’s best marketers, you’ll get access to in-depth video content which is 50+ hours.
  8. The landing pages are curated by STM Forum moderators.
  9. Over 358,961 posts and 42,029 threads with an active community of affiliates.
  10. Tax consultants and Lawyers who specialized in digital marketing and affiliate marketing businesses.
  11. Expert strategies, Secrets, tips, and access to tutorials, case studies, and more.
  12. You will get help from veteran super affiliates who knows well about the affiliate industry
  • Huge amount of Knowledge.
  • Many top leading experts are members.
  • Networking with people.
  • Awesome discounts and bonuses.
  • Global meetup updates.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • 100% Working Case Studies.
  • No free trials.
  • Not for people who are looking to make money with a push-button away.

With STM Forum, you’ll get when you join

  • Video training, case studies, and tutorials.
  • Feedback and help from thousands of affiliates and 10+ expert moderators.
  • Exclusive STM access to offers, tools, special industry reports, and landing pages.

What Experts Say About STM Forum?

Found on the web & social media. If we sum up the thoughts of experts then the in-short answer will be this forum is helping the affiliate community to grow & share knowledge with each other. Sometimes beginners share something which experts don’t know & we can’t underestimate beginners.

But still, the answer may be confusing, isn’t it? Why experts want to share.

Every person has different goals, some experts may want the branding to grow more by speaking at International events or it can be to increase the fan following of the community & obviously to help each other majorly.


We can guide based on our experience whether STM Forum is good or not but still the risk is yours but with a very nominal amount. If we calculate the risk-reward ratio of purchasing an STM forum membership then it will be 1:10 (Risk is 1 here & Reward is 10 here). Our experience with the STM forum was awesome & because of this, we are still getting profits. We recommend to try the STM forum membership once.

Among the different online businesses, Affiliate marketing 🤔 is on the top place to get huge profits in an easy way. Although it is hard, you can learn and grow in the Affiliate marketing industry with STM Forum and simply you can see the reviews of happy customers and join this affiliate forum that helps to generate huge profits.