List Of Top High Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers In 2017

High Paying Top Affiliate Programs of 2015

If you are searching for best top affiliate programs then you are at right place. Here I am going to share all about affiliate program  The main concept behind affiliate marketing is that, when you promote or sell others product or service you will get paid on commission basis.

We use affiliate marketing for increasing the advertisers sales and customer base. It is one of the best ways to increase your sales as it is a best tool for online business. Affiliate marketing is most efficient and economical way to spread your business online. It mainly increases your website traffic, sales, generate leads, boost your online presence and increase your SEO.

High Paying Top Affiliate Programs of 2015


What is an Affiliate Program ?

The affiliate program is a marketing program using which a web advertiser can earn commission by helping a merchant to generate sales. The web advertisers place the merchant’s ads on their website. The commission payment modes are:

  • Cost Per Sale (CPA): The advertiser will get the commission whenever a visitor buys a product from advertiser affiliate link. It is also called as cost per acquisition
  • Cost Per Click (CPC): Every time a visitor click’s on the merchant’s Ad, then advertiser gets the commission.
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): When any visitor fill’s a form, sign-up for a newsletter, or create any account then the advertiser gets the commission.

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9 Top Affiliate Programs

The digital world is evolving and expanding day by day and there are many options in affiliate marketing, which will help you in improving your sales. So, here I am providing top affiliate programs which are also best affiliate programs for bloggers.

#1. Amazon (Pay Per Lead Network)

Amazon (Pay Per Lead Network)

One of the top online shopping brands is, which has introduced and spread affiliate marketing across the world. European countries all major brands have invested in It has everything in it to shop starting from books, clothes, accessories, electronics, home appliances and many more. The affiliates get commission based on the range of product such as if the product is of higher cost you get more commission, if less cost you get less commission. Most important is the commission is transferred to the affiliates within 24 hours.

#2. Linkshare 


Bloggers have to first apply for a program on the Rekuten network and once you get the approval you can post the Ads and it will help you with lead generation and to get the commission. Do you know Linkshare offers 25,000 best affiliate programs and you can choose any of them which you like most.

#3. ShareASale


Shareasale is very old affiliate marketing program from last 15 years. It is most widely used affiliate networks, works on many categories of programs. Shareasale has received excellent rating in the year 2015 and 2016 This network is best for those people who target their sales through blogging activities.

#4. ClickBank (Pay Per Sale)


Their affiliate program help entrepreneurs to run there online entire business on a single place.ClickBank provide you the most secure platform. Register with ClickBank program and after get approval you can start affiliate programming with this program. It is not difficult to get ClickBank account approval, you will get ClickBank account easily

#5. Commission Junction

Commission Junction

With this great affiliate program commission is paid with respect to Pay Per Call program. The commission is paid for creating further leads. This program was founded in the year 1998 in North America. Commission Junction is most trusted affiliate program, not only for general users it is also trusted by big companies such as Fortune 500.

#6. eBay Partner Network

ebay partner network

It provides all the required tools to start with your affiliate program. In short this program is also called ePN. This program is similar to Google Adsense because it pays per click. It helps you launching, running a successful campaign for an individual product, or group of products. If you understand your readers and have a relevant site then it would not be difficult to earn with eBay Partner Network. This is the best pay per click affiliate program.

#7. Neverblue


Neverblue is pay-per-action program. It is a yearly based affiliate program. The commission of affiliated user of this program is mainly based on the number of sales, leads generated, and downloads done. It pays for referral affiliate programs too.

#8. Avangate


Avangate is a best e-commerce based business solutions mostly features software and services to anyone. One of the best platforms for cooperates with different software packages to reach customers and trade shifts. It adopts new optimization for online and off-line channels.

#9. MaxBounty


MaxBouty have a good reputation in the circle of affiliate program.In fact many top affiliate marketers are also on this network and making lot of money with this network. If you don’t have any idea about affiliate marketing then you can also choose MaxBounty. but the problem is they will not give you MaxBounty account easily. It is little bit difficult to get Maxbounty account.

I know how you can get MaxBounty account. First thing is you have to provide each and every information right about your experience, website, traffic and all. After applying the form you have to call the Maxbounty team and after talking to them they will approve your account after verifying. The team rule is they will call to the user for verification but if the user call them then it make’s some good impression about the user.

Why You should Include Affiliate Marketing in your Blogging?

Affiliate marketing is two-way advantageous and beneficial to the advertiser and the merchant. Some of the advantages are:

  • Less advertising cost in initial stages. No need to incur more money in advertising, appointing sales staff and advertising. In affiliate marketing you just need to build your website and contact affiliate marketers, who will do the rest for you and no other additional costs are required before your ads starting paying you back.
  • You can pay the advertiser only when you have a sale or lead.
  • Get additional traffic to your website which may lead to a sale or increase your page views.
  • Increase your rank by having network of advertisers
  • Top High Paying Google Adsense Alternatives

Be Honest: Select Good Products: Write Reviews not Description

To build your affiliate marketing on your blog try to include products which you think you can recommend to build good reputation. Write reviews of the customers who has used the product and his experiences. Don’t include the product details. Explain the advantages the product have when compared to the similar products that are available in the market.

Measure: Test Several Traffic Resources: Several Products:

Provide  tips and suggestion for the visitors to enhance your campaign. Help the followers to choose a good product and motivate them, which builds rapport and your website will be used regularly. Try to include varied categories of products, themes, templates, services and downloads so that a visitor gets all the items that they want on a single platform.

So, this is all about affiliate program and these are the best top affiliate programs of 2016 which are widely used all over the world . With these affiliate program you can make money online easily and rapidly. If you have any question about this you can ask us by dropping your comment.

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