Top 10 Unblocked Music Sites For School, College and Office

Top 10 Unblocked Music Sites

“Music is a form of an art”. Without any doubt, it would not be wrong to say,¬†music¬†is a¬†best¬†source of entertainment.

Everyone likes to listen music specially in young age but due to high load of work it’s not be possible. Whole day spend in school, college or in office and at these working places there are¬†blocked music sites so, no chance to listen music. But don’t worry here we will provide you some unblocked music streaming sites.

Music sites blocked at your school, college or office? if yes, then all the music fans continue reading this post¬†because here’s the solution¬†of your problem…….Let’s start !!


List of  Top 10 Unblocked Music Sites 2017

1 BlueBeat

Bluebeat is a best unblocked music streaming site to play free music without spending any penny.

Just follow these 3 steps :- (1). Give a name to your playlist. (2). Then, add your favorite songs & artists name (3). Listen & Share it if you want !!

BlueBeat Unblocked Music Site

2 Grooveshark

Grooveshark is the most popular music streaming site to enjoy music & to upload all kind of digital audio files. It was launched in “March 2006″. Grooveshark provides the best service and it is easy to use.

Grooveshark Unblocked Music Sites

3 Purevolume

Here comes another dedicated unblocked music website and it is also not restricted by schools & colleges. Just go to the official site of PureVolume to upload music files & simply enjoy online music for free. You can filter various categories from your music list such as artist names, genre, songs title & albums as well. it also display the big collection of songs.

Purevolume Unblocked Music Site

4 PlaylistSound

PlaylistSound is another website at where you can listen free online music without any silly surveys. All you need to sign up on this site with your e-mail address then you can listen all your music streams from library.

Some features are also available¬†to sort music like trending, top playlist, new release albums, &¬†top Genres etc¬†and there is one of the best feature is “play queue” it means, if you like any song¬†then you can add it in “queue“and listen it¬†later.

Playlistsound Unblocked Music Site

5# SlackerRadio

Slacker is an online radio station (music service) said to be one among unlimited music site. Slacker comes along with¬†“Search Bar” to enjoy¬†unlimited music songs for free. There are very¬†interesting feature like to connect via social networking sites (¬†Twitter, Instagram, or¬†Facebook etc).¬†Whether it is your school, college, office or university feel free to enjoy all type music.

Slacker Unblocked Music Site

6 Soundzabound

This music website is specifically designed for college use….and it is too cool music site that after school time you’ll find students engaged into it.¬†This web site gives¬†perfect audio for PowerPoint presentations, digital storytelling, Video yearbooks or¬†any other visual media projects either for schools or colleges. Some other excellent features are available here like student production, artist submission, newsletter &¬†many others. So, Enjoy large collection of most popular songs or albums absolutely free with Soundzabound.

Soundzabound Unblocked Music Site

7 SongArea

SongArea is the oldest music website to enjoy online free music where the music sites and Ip address blocked. The most stunning feature of this website is that when you hit your query for music search in the search bar it sorts all the playlists in alphabetical order and with this feature you can find your song without spending too much time.

Songarea Unblocked Music Site

8 MusicChoice

If you use this then you will really become fan of it. As the name itself signifies to download and listen music of your own choice, So it is an excellent platform to enjoy large number of tracks & songs collection. It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the best music download web portal or to listen and enjoy music.

MusicChoice Unblocked Music Site

9 Zuus

Zuus is another well-known unblocked music site for schools and college students so, that you can listen unlimited songs with Zuus. It contain huge list of songs which is absolutely free these are some popular genres like pop music, rock, country, Hip Hop, R&B and many others. Zuus allows to search songs and videos from its database. So, its an highly recommended site for all the music lovers.

Zuus Unblocked Music Site

10 HulkShare

It is the¬†most favourite & free unblocked music site “HulkShare”. It contain a huge database of music in which all old & new songs are available so that user can sort there music by there favorite artist songs. Hulkshare also allows users to upload there own created music so, that all people can listen and enjoy. User can also show their¬†music creativity and talent across all over the word with the help of hulkshare.

Hulkshare Unblocked Sites

What are the benefits of these Music Sites ?

Generally, you will find 90% restriction to enjoy music at schools, colleges or in any corporate world due to their rules and regulations. Also, all working place show limitations and certain conditions to use social networking sites, gaming sites, music sites and other unwanted sites which distract students or employees from their work.

  1. These sites are free of cost means they do not charge any penny.
  2. These music portals offer all variety of  music tracks like hip-hop, modern, classical, melody, rock, jazz, hard rock, fusion, instrumental, opera, rap etc.
  3. These websites are open to work at any working place without any restriction.

How To Unblock Music Websites at Schools?

Now, I will guide you step by step so, without wasting time follow these methods:

1# Using Proxy Sites:

You can use proxy sites which change¬†your IP address. You just have to Google “proxy Sites” and you will get number of proxy sites. These sites are free and also paid, if you don’t want to waste time on finding best free proxy site then ¬†I prefer to go with paid proxy sites. By using these proxy sites you can unlock the blocked music sites in your location.

2# Virtual Private Network (VPN):

Basically, VPN helps to change the location of your system means at the region where your school or working area is situated the VPN will change the location.

3# Google Translate:

This one looks so strange, oh! no¬†this is fabulous method which can solve your problem in seconds. Get your favourite¬†unblocked music sites with google translate just you have to follow this…….. The schools and colleges mostly targets on keywords which students generally used to find music sites. so, Now google translation comes in work you have to put URL of that site and translate it in other language and that’s it and in the last just paste that URL and GO!!!

The restriction occurs due to blocked keywords which will  now not interrupt in our work style due to translation and now you can simply hear any type of music without any restriction.

Note: This method not always work but you can still try it.


Music is a part of our life, whenever we hear music it gives us energy with emotion and feeling. Music express our emotions it means if someone is in sad mood then he/she loves to listen sad music or if someone in relax mood then that person loves to go for happy mood playlists or loud music.

That’s all about some of the commonly used¬†unblocked music websites which will definitely help you in any manner and surely you’ll end up with smiling faces.¬†Don’t forget to share your experience. We shall be waiting for your feedback.¬†So, Guys What waiting for ?? …………………..Just be a music fan & follow your heart LISTEN FOR FREE & DISCOVER MORE !! To learn more stuffs stay tuned with us….

So, Raise your hands up if you want to flow with the rhythm of music and Enjoy Unlimited top Music without any Hassle!! 

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