2Captcha Review 2023: Is It the Best Platform For Users?


2Captcha is a service that was built to simplify the captcha recognition service. The website for the business has been operational for a while now; it was registered in 2014. When you go to their website, you’ll notice that they’re a program that rewards you when you solve/answer captchas. 

Captchas are presumably something you’re already familiar with. Before you can access something (like a website’s content), you have to figure out those hazy phrases or visual puzzles.



What is 2Captcha?

Website owners and developers can automate the process of completing captchas with the aid of 2Captcha, a human-powered online image and captcha recognition service.

2Captcha is well regarded for its ability to solve captchas accurately and quickly. Clients value the user-friendly interface and smooth integration with various platforms and scripts.

Captcha Solver

Additionally, it should be mentioned that the service is inexpensive in comparison to other captcha-solving options available. When assistance is needed, it is promptly given by the customer care team, who are consistently friendly and responsive. In general, users highly praise 2captcha as a dependable service.

2Captcha For Customers

Customers of 2Captcha require quick and straightforward captchas for their website’s users to answer. This is crucial since attempting to solve these problems takes time and/or the risk of making mistakes, which hinders their operations.

In addition to frustrating users and delaying their progress, captchas can result in business losses because time is money. To avoid this, businesses need a mediator to put them in touch with individuals who, in exchange for a modest price, will make dealing with captchas easier for them. 2Captcha is acting as a middleman in this instance. 

Captcha solving service

2Captcha Rates for Customers

Customers will spend between $0.50 to $3 for every 1,000 captchas. It should be noted that ReCaptchas (those that require photos and puzzles with conditions) are more expensive than standard (regular) captchas.

Captchas take an average of between 12 and 30 seconds to solve (from the customer’s perspective). Never forget that from a company’ perspective, every second counts.

The prices mentioned above are the ones customers make and not the prices that 2Captcha pays to workers.

What are Captcha Solving Programs?

Services and software that use captcha-solving technology to solve captchas automatically or manually are known as captcha-solving programs or services. For online scraping to be accurate and simple, you need reCaptcha and a guaranteed captcha. 

Two alternative approaches are used by captcha-solving services:

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions: In this, the captcha is resolved automatically using OCR technology. 

Human-based solutions: In this case, humans serve as active captcha solvers. After analyzing the texts, they reply to you.

You must register with the captcha-solving services or APIs, incorporate their API into your application, and transmit your captchas to receive the answer in text form before using their services or APIs. 

Ten programs for solving captchas are listed below.

  • 2Captcha
  • Captchathecat
  • Anycaptcha
  • Capsolver
  • BypassCaptcha
  • EndCaptcha
  • CaptchaSniper
  • BestCaptchaSolver
  • SolveCaptcha

Captcha Solvers

2Captcha Captcha Solver

Captcha solvers are automatic software programs or applications that are made for bypassing captcha tests so that users can access restricted websites or online services. These technologies analyze the images, characters, or symbols supplied in the captcha test and employ complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to answer the captcha challenges automatically.

Some captcha solvers go so far as to teach their computers to recognize real human behavior and handle captcha tests properly using machine learning techniques. Cybercriminals frequently employ these technologies, which are banned in many nations, to automate online operations including spamming, hacking, and phishing.

How to Bypass Captcha 

The term “bypass captcha” refers to the use of automated software or services to complete captcha puzzles without the assistance of a person. It is frequently used by spammers, hackers, or bots to access websites, set up phony accounts, or publish spam. Most websites’ terms of service prohibit this behavior, which is also criminal in several nations. 

2Captcha Bypass

The purpose of the CAPTCHA, which stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart,” was to stop bots, viruses, and artificial intelligence (AI) from interacting with a website. This means avoiding spam bots in the 1990s. Nowadays, businesses utilize CAPTCHA to try to thwart more dangerous automated assaults like credential stuffing.

Cybercriminals created efficient ways to get around CAPTCHA very immediately after it was adopted, though. The good folks responded with “hardened” CAPTCHAs, but the outcome remained the same: automation was able to get around the test that aimed to prevent it.

There are numerous techniques to get around CAPTCHA. Using a CAPTCHA solving service, which uses affordable human labor from poor nations to decipher CAPTCHA images, is a typical strategy.

Cybercriminals pay for a CAPTCHA provider, and the answers are then automatically populated on the target website using the APIs they integrate into their automated tools. Some trustworthy services do, however, provide captcha bypass options for customers with visual or physical difficulties.

The following are the steps involved in bypassing captcha on 2Captcha. 

  • The visitor obtains the CAPTCHA iframe source and URL that is used to insert the CAPTCHA image from the target site and stores it locally.
  • The visitor requests an API token from the 2Captcha website.
  • The visitor submits the CAPTCHA to the 2Captcha service via HTTP POST, and in return, they are given a Captcha ID, which is a numerical ID associated with the CAPTCHA image. When requesting the solved CAPTCHA from 2Captcha via an API GET request in step 5, the ID is used.
  • A worker is given a CAPTCHA by 2Captcha, who requests that the worker solve it and submit the answer.
  • The visitor runs a script to ping 2Captcha using the CAPTCHA ID (every 5 seconds until solved). The CAPTCHA solution is then sent by 2Captcha. The visitor receives a post from 2Captcha saying “CAPTCHA_NOT_READY” if the solution is still being worked out, and the software tries again five seconds later.
  • A visitor submits a login request to the target website with all of the required fields filled in (i.e., using a set of stolen login information) and the CAPTCHA solution.
  • This technique is repeated by the visitor for each CAPTCHA image.

2Captcha Recognition

Captcha recognition, which is also known as captcha solving, is the act of automatically identifying and completing captcha tests that are used to confirm that a user is human and not a robot. For the purpose of establishing the human identity of the user, captchas often comprise blurred, distorted, or hidden numbers, characters, or symbols that must be recognized and input accurately.

Optical character recognition (OCR), specialized machine learning algorithms, and systems with AI are some of the methods that can be used to recognize captchas. Spammers and hackers frequently employ captcha recognition to get around security measures and obtain unauthorized entry to websites as well as online services.

How Exactly Does 2Captcha Work?

You might not be able to avoid inputting captchas if you need to complete a lot of automated chores each day.

Because of this, 2Captcha enables you to sign up on their platform, post your captcha task any time, and receive a response in around 12 seconds.

On the back end, the website pays a user to solve or answer the Captcha puzzle.

On an hourly basis of the day, 2captcha.com typically delivers 10,000 captchas each minute. Robots do not solve these Captchas. They are being answered by humans.

2Captcha Pros and Cons 


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Reasonable costs.
  3. Response time is less than 12 seconds on average.
  4. Enables the automation of captcha recognition.
  5. A human can read captchas.
  6. Offers dependable assistance.
  7. The precision of the captcha’s recognition is higher.


  1. Should offer more payment options.
  2. Opportunities for generating money are few.

Captchas: How are they solved?

  • Visit 2captcha.com.php and upload a captcha.
  • Your captcha is stored on the server, and you receive its ID back.
  • Your captcha is promptly distributed to a worker by the server.
  • The employee completes the captcha and submits an answer to the server.
  • In order to obtain the response, you are submitting queries to the server using your ID.

Some sites that solve captchas like 2Captcha may demand that employees enter manually the symbols or patterns shown in the captcha image. Workers receive training to swiftly identify and input the required characters for the captcha.


Supported captcha

The service 2Captcha was developed to simplify the captcha recognition service. CAPTCHAs on any kind of website can be circumvented with this service. Using the API, the service receives the query and responds with the appropriate response.

Because every captcha is solved by a worker, 2Captcha is able to get around every type of captcha that can be read by a human. Aside from that, the business boasts of employees who can identify up to 10,000 captchas per minute. So, if you want to increase productivity and save time, we strongly advise you to try 2Captcha.

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