Hideman VPN Provider For iOS, macOS, Android & Windows

Hideman VPN Provider

Hideman is a very simple and secure “Stellar Multi-platform¬†VPN application”¬†London based best VPN Provider that is available across 20 different country location in the world in counting there are some of the most popular countries such as the U.S.A, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Hong Kong, Poland, Turkey, Luxembourg, France, Russia and many others. This list is not ended here….

Well, I mean its still growing……!!

Hideman VPN Provider


Hideman provides complete privacy online. With Hideman software you can encrypt all you WiFi data, you can hide your IP address and protect your privacy on the Internet that is confidential. This VPN Provider plays a vital role is to encrypt the Internet Data always protecting your Internet data with strong and advanced 256-bit encryption as it supports 3 protocols namely:-

  • L2TP/IPSec
  • OpenVPN
  • PPTP

An another outstanding feature of Hideman VPN is that there is a widget so you can quickly launch the app. Additionally, to download Hideman VPN is a very easy process. As you would expect, the downloading speed of Hideman is really awesome. Hideman works as it allows the users to hide their IP address, then do the user data encryption that allow users to surf without any hassle or limitation.

Why should we go for it ? & Why Hideman is termed as “Hideman” ?

Hideman VPN do offer a reliable service without no compromise on speed or security. This (VPN) Virtual Private Network works with several operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPads, iPhones, iOS and Android based smartphones, tablets, routers and gaming consoles. Now you people must be thinking that Hideman is pronounced by the name HIDE-MAN as the name itself defines it hides your PC or Computer online.

Hideman Specifications:

  • It provides very logical worldwide network.
  • It gives free access to any website and service.
  • It hides your IP address, so that nobody will come to know where are you from.
  • It provide own DNS (Domain Name Servers) for better privacy.
  • The download Procedure, Installation & Configuration of Hideman VPN is so much simple.(Just have to select¬†the country you want, press Connect, and you’re done).
  • Download torrents without penalties or restrictions. Access .onion and .i2p resources without additional configuration.
  • One can go for it’s free trial that is very reasonable for use.
  • It offers 100% security as all the personal data is protected from interception by strong encryption by hiding the actual IP address.

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Features of Hideman VPN

  • ¬†It hides your IP address, So that nobody will come to know where are you from.
  • ¬†Encrypt all your internet data.
  • ¬†It works in a free mode.
  • ¬†Hideman VPN service offers extremely fast speed
  • ¬†Having its servers available in 22 Countries & still growing.
  • ¬†They provide support via Chat, Skyp, and Email.
  • ¬†It conserve bandwidth by as much as 25%.
  • ¬†This VPN obeys Logging policy i.e, it do not keep any of your browsing data with it.
  • ¬†No limits on the Speed or Bandwidth.
  • It goes for p2p support.
  • ¬†It provides transparent access to deepweb sites ( TOR and I2P).
  • ¬†Use any site you needed without any limitations.
  • ¬†Remove banners and tracking systems.

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Hideman: A GREAT Solution for Privacy/Protection via VPN

The reason is very simple……

Hideman works with several operating systems mostly famous for Android Based Application. It means that the service can be used in nearly all desktop and laptop computer, as well as most of the smartphones and tablets.

The amazing part of Hideman VPN is that it truly provides a responsive customer support service, that makes it stand somewhat out from the competition. The live chat facility is not available 24X7 but you can use email for quick resolution to your queries. It means any user can browse, email, and download files anonymously. In all, we can conclude that Hideman VPN is a very reliable, secure and best VPN in the market, that is all good as it gets.

Moreover, so many payment modes including bitcoins are possible to pay for the service on all certain basis.

So guys, do not wait anymore ? Just go once for the free trial version of this to test it. Then, become a subscriber of it & go for the version which is paid premium plan if you like its free version.

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