Melon App Review 2023: Is This Video Streaming App Worth?

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From family video calls to professional Live Streaming is become easy as we are in the digital era and we can connect people at any time and anywhere.  If you’re looking for a high-quality Live streaming video solution then you’re at the right place, here is a Melon App which is a web-based Live streaming application.

With Melon App, you can create stunning and high-quality Live streaming and within five seconds, you can create live streaming directly with all social media platforms. For professional and excellent live streaming solutions, Melon App is always in the race and it is the fastest-growing solution for Live streaming purposes. We bought you Melon App review, to acknowledge its services, and to know more about the benefits during Live streaming.

πŸ‘Š What is Melon App?

Melon App

Melon App is the web-streaming application to create stunning Live streaming with ease directly to all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitch, LinkedIn, YouTube, with just five simple clicks. Melon App allows you to invite guests for Live streaming, you can share your screen with them, customize the appearance of the Live, and many more.

With Melon App, it is easy to broadcast any interview, and also it helps to record Live streaming. Today, most of the people jump to Melon App as it is an excellent Live streaming application and it is useful for anyone, for any purpose. The details of its features, pricing, and other benefits are mentioned with detailed information in Melon App review.

😚 Review on Features of Melon App

Now, Live streaming is possible within seconds when you have Melon App. It is the time to say goodbye to all the complicated tools that make to do live podcasts hard and takes a lot of time to stream on YouTube and Facebook. Yes, Melon App will do Live streaming, Live podcasts with ease and it does not take a long time.

Go Live with Melon App in Five Seconds

Melon App - Go live in 5 clicks

Melon App allows you to go live in just five clicks and there is nothing to install at the same time it does not require any complicated set up. If you invite the guests in Melon App, they can easily join as it does not require to make an account to join the Live. With just one click, your guests will join the broadcast and invite guests to your Live streaming through email or Facebook messenger.

Melon App allows Live Multistreaming services

Melon App - Multistream

Melon App allows you to reach more people, and it is possible when you go Live with all your social media platforms like YouTube, Linked In, Facebook, and Twitch. So, that you can easily grow your audience with just one click, and the rest of the work will be carried on by Melon. The other advantage of the Melon App is the custom RTMP works in it, and also Melon App is used for Multistreaming purposes also.

Fast and Cloud-Based

Melon App -Fast Cloud based

Melon App is a cloud-based Live streaming application that works with minimum latency, low CPU usage, and the response time is fast lightening. All the working procedures of the Melon App will be done in the cloud, at the same time it preserves everything in your operating system. When you broadcast any event with Melon App, you can easily focus on it and this is because Melon App is built with top advanced network and server infrastructure. So, that it makes you feel in the moment with your Live broadcast.

Broadcast your way in 1080p

Melon App - Broadcast in 1080p

If you want to make live streaming good, then don’t worry Melon App has dozens of customization options and for you, it is easy to build your brand to stand out from other brands easily. By adding logo, custom backgrounds, running news ticker, header, green screen, switch to full HD, and many more will help to personalize your broadcast. So, you have complete authority on how to appear your Live streaming by customizing, reviewing it and the Live streaming with Melon App is available in 1080p.

In Real Time Engage with Audience and Guests

Melon App - Real time audience engagement

During the broadcast, you are allowed to stream chat from all your social media platforms, and with the guests, you can chat privately. If you want to increase your audience while Live streaming, then you have to add different social media platforms and so the viewership of your Live streaming will grow.

Allows to Share Screen

Melon App - Share Your screen

Melon App allows you to share your screen with your guests and at the same time, the guests are also allowed to share their screen with you. You can share a specific tab or a specific application, or else Melon App permits you to review and share the entire screen with your guests.

Allows to Schedule your Stream

Melon App - Schedule your stream

If you want to broadcast at a particular time, then Melon App allows you to schedule your broadcast and it will be easy for the audiences to follow up when you broadcast the Live. Based on the time that you scheduled, the audiences will attend at that time easily and quickly. Melon App allows to schedule up to 15 broadcasts per month.

MelonApp Allows to Record Live Streaming

Melon App - Recording

If you want to record your Live streaming and want to upload it to YouTube, then it is possible easily when you have Melon App. Even it allows you to stream your polish recording and upload it to any other streaming platforms. Streaming and recording are possible at the same time with Melon App, also it gives access to all the video files.

πŸ˜‡ Donations and Alerts in Melon App

Every time Melon App is coming up with new features to help the users in Live streaming and broadcasting purposes and it is continuously updating with new features. Now, let’s review Melon App’s latest features Donations, and Alerts.

Yes, with Melon App you can engage the audience and also monetize your stream with alerts and donations exclusively. The two new features in Melon App are the Alert box widget that alerts your community to subscribe or follow, and the Donation goal widget is for fundraising targets and track those targets.


  • While Live Streaming, you can raise the fundraising or financial support in real time, and so the donations will be collected within your community.
  • With PayPal or credit cards, your audience will send money during your live streaming.
  • Here is a reminder that Melon App does not take any funds or commissions, as the funds are directly transferred to whom the audiences support while Live streaming. The money transferred will happen directly and instantly as Melon App will not take much time to transfer the money.


The alerts in the Melon App are the real time notifications, this means the subscriber or follow alerts will appear to your community while Live streaming. Donations are one way to get the donations with a Zero fee and you can stream specific events through

  • Subscriptions on social media platforms like Youtube, Twitch, etc.
  • The super chats and super stickers on YouTube and YouTube streaming currency
  • Stars on Facebook streaming currency, Facebook and the Bits on Twitch, Twitch streaming currency.

These Alert and Donation widgets are highly customizable, and they will appear in real time as like audiences connect with you while Live streaming.

If someone in the community attends your Live streaming, then these alerts are displayed and to grow awareness of your small business these alerts are very helpful. On the other side, through Melon it is easy for you to make sales within your community through these widgets.

πŸ€” Who is Using Melon App Today?

Across the globe, the Melon App is using for different purposes from personal use to professional interviews and meetings. Melon App is designed for everyone, and based on the reviews, it is used by anyone and also for different professions too. Many businesses are preferring to use Melon App from Marketers to Podcasters, Fitness instructors, Musicians, Creators, House of Worship, F500 companies, and other businesses, etc.  Melon App helps businesses to grow their business, as it has multistreaming features and so you can share your stream to all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitch, Linked In, YouTube, etc. So, the professional Live streams with the Melon App are a great advantage to keep in touch with your audiences regularly. On the other side, the Alerts feature in the Melon App will help the businesses to advertise their products/services discounts will Live Streaming. Overall, Melon App is beneficial to all people in many ways.

❣️ Reviews of Melon App

Customer Reviews on Melon App

The users of the Melon App are provided their reviews on streaming platforms that they use before Melon and their main answer is switching to Melon App is best for Live streaming.

Before the Switch to Melon App

Before the switch to Melon App

Melon App customers are saying that they tried a lot of Live streaming platforms such as Zoom, OBS, StreamShark, etc. before switching to Melon App. And they found so many issues such as

  • Difficult to understand
  • Live streaming platforms are expensive to pay
  •  The set up of Live streaming platforms are complicated
  • The major drawback is they do not offer many benefits like invite guests, multistream, etc.

After the Switch to Melon App

After the switch to Melon App

Now, the people who switched to Melon App have shared their experiences, and one of the customers wrote the review that not everyone needs streams in a tech wizard with a supercomputer, some need just simplicity, and Melon App is with simplicity. The major advantage of switching to Melon App is it offers various benefits such as multistreaming, inviting more guests, etc.

🀞 Pros and Cons of Melon App

Here is the list of Pros and Cons of Melon App

Pros of Melon App

  • Melon App is simple to use
  • Stream directly to social media platforms
  • Personalize your stream
  • Go live in just five clicks
  • Multistream
  • Invite guests
  • Fast and cloud-based
  • Allows you to record your Live streaming at the same time
  • Real-time engage your audiences
  • Share your screen
  • Schedule your stream
  • No watermark in the pro version
  • Affordable price
  • Donations and Alerts
  • Offers a discount for annual membership

Cons of Melon App

  • Watermarks are there
  • Limitations in streaming for the basic plan

🎁 Review on Pricing Plans of Melon App

Pricing Plans of Melon App

The basic plan of the Melon App is free of cost and the drawback of the free version is it offers very few features to use.

  •  Streaming Limits 
  •  Up to 1 guest
  •  Limited Brand Customization
  •  Branded Watermark

The pro version of the Melon App costs $25/month, but the early bird offer comes with a discount and now it costs $15/month. If you want to proceed with the annual bill payment, then it costs $12.5/month and you can save $30 with a $150/year commitment.

  •  Unlimited streaming
  •  Up to 9 guests
  •  Unlimited Brand Customization
  •  No Watermark
  •  Full HD (1080p)
  •  VIP support
  • Stream Recording
  • Custom RTMP
  • Multi-streaming
  • Disconnect protection
  • Upload Media Files (150MB limit)

πŸ”₯ Final Review on Melon App πŸ”₯

Melon App is a web-based Live streaming application with many features and it is suitable for both personal purposes same time professional purposes. All you need is just simple five steps to set up this platform and start Live streaming by inviting the guests.

We recommend this app given everything we’ve seen in the market and given the feedback from tens of thousands of users who are using the app today to grow.

You can broadcast the Live in few seconds as it has an easy user interface, and if you want to schedule your stream then Melon App allows you to schedule it with ease at any time you want. Along with that some of the benefits that you’re going to experience with the Melon App are sharing the screen, multistreaming, customizing the Live Strem with logo, custom backgrounds, stickers, green screen, and many more.

If you invite a guest to your Live streaming, then all they have to just give a click on the invitation link and they’ll join instantly without any Melon App account. You’re going to experience all features in the pro version than the basic plan version and the cost of the pro version is affordable.

We’ve provided a full review on the Melon App & we recommend this to use, you can decide whether it is perfect for you or not as Melon App is designed for everyone, not for a special community or group.

🀠 Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ‘ What happens if anyone cancels the payment service in the middle of the month?

If you’re a monthly plan user of Melon App, and paid for two months and want to cancel the Melon app in the middle of the month, then you have to use PRO for a reminder of Month two. Then Melon App will not charge for month three and the same process will proceed for the yearly payment structure too.

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