MilesWeb vs GoDaddy? Which is the Best Managed VPS Provider in India?

MilesWeb or GoDaddy? Which is the Best Managed VPS Provider in India?

In a world where almost every business is being done online, it is important for businessmen to make sure that their website is up and running all the time. Most importantly, the way in which the website is created also plays a big role and that is why the introduction of VPS hosting services has become so much popular in India.

In order to ensure that customers get full satisfaction with VPS hosting, different companies offer different features and functions. Amongst all other VPS service providers in India, MilesWeb and GoDaddy are two of the most well-known companies that provide high quality VPS services. But, there are still a few differences that make one of the companies better than the other. Interested to know which one’s better and how? Keep reading through this page and get enlightened:

MilesWeb or GoDaddy? Which is the Best Managed VPS Provider in India?


Features to expect

As these two companies are the leading VPS hosting service providers in India, you can expect tough competition between the two when it comes to providing a host of features.

  • Flexible and scalable – One of the most important features is the flexibility and scalability of the memory. MilesWeb is a genius in this category. It will help to scale the memory allocation on a real-time basis. Moreover, there are additional features of scaling the RAM and you can do all these things without even having to reboot or shutdown the system. On the counterpart, GoDaddy does not provide this unique feature and this definitely gives MilesWeb an edge over the potential customers who want the memory to be flexible and scalable.
  • Full customisation  Another point that keeps MilesWeb ahead of GoDaddy is the fact that the former offers full customisation of its VPS services to its customers. You can have your own PHP.ini files. Additionally, you can also run web applications of any kind without having to ask for permission. This feature is not provided by GoDaddy. There are fixed features and functions that you need to choose and that is it. It would be so much better to have customized VPS service because you may not want all of the features that you get.
  • Auto upgrade – Easy upgrade to another plan is really simple at GoDaddy. You can get your plan upgraded any time you want and there will be no question of any kind of re-provision. MilesWeb provides easy upgrade option, in case the upgrade is from Virtual Private Server to Cloud or dedicated server, milesweb team takes care of the migration part.

Package prices to lookout for

One of the reasons why GoDaddy and MilesWeb have become the best in the business is because of the price at which they are able to provide their VPS services to the customers. Here is a brief comparison of their VPS packages along with the features included in them.

First and foremost, MilesWeb has 5 different packages compared to GoDaddy that has just 4 packages to offer. Another point of difference would be the price at which both provide this service. Price of MilesWeb packages are much lower than GoDaddy. Following will give an idea about the differences:

  • Base packages – The base package of MilesWeb, known as Techie VPS will cost just Rs. 1040 per month whereas the base package of GoDaddy is priced at Rs. 1319 per month. There are differences in the features too. MilesWeb provides 1GB RAM, 50GB disk space, 1 Core CPU, 1 dedicated IP, 100 MBPS port and 500GB bandwidth. GoDaddy on the other hand provides, 1GB RAM, 40GB disk space, unmetered bandwidth and 3 dedicated IPs.
  • Average package – The second package of VPS services in MilesWeb is priced at Rs. 1560 per month which is slightly higher than GoDaddy which is Rs. 1529 per month. By paying Rs. 30 more, you get 2 Core CPUs, 100GB disk space, 2GB fixed RAM, 1TB bandwidth and 1 dedicated IP. GoDaddy does not provide so much at so less. Although there is 2GB RAM and 3 dedicated IPs and unmetered bandwidth, it has failed to match the disk space by a great extent. You will get only 60GB disk space in this package and when you are paying almost the same as another package from your fiercest competitor, you can expect to get much more.
  • Unique package – If you are looking for more space with the same kind of features as in the second package, then you can opt for the Competent VPS package from MilesWeb. However, there are no intermediary packages in GoDaddy. In the Competent VPS package, you will get the same features like the second package except, there will be 200GB disk space and bandwidth will be of 2TB.

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Server and security benefits

When you are opting for VPS hosting service, you may want to get a dedicated server instead of sharing the same with others. MilesWeb and GoDaddy go head to head in this segment too. Let’s see how.

  • Dedicated servers at affordable prices – MilesWeb provides complete private hosting services to its customers. There are options for both dedicated servers and shared servers. If you are tired of reseller hosting or shared web hosting, then a dedicated VPS would be apt. Unfortunately, this benefit is not available at GoDaddy. You have to share the server with another person. Although, the security is very high at GoDaddy, but when you have a single server to work with, the peace of mind is much more.
  • Maximum security for servers – Both the companies have the best security for their respective servers. They have not compromised on the security of the data of their customers. Each and every detail is secured properly and there are spam filters that are updated every now and then. So, full marks to both for maintaining the safety of the servers so well.

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Unlimited facilities

There are several unique features that make GoDaddy and MilesWeb stand out from the other companies. Given below are the unlimited facilities that they provide:

  • Unlimited emails – MilesWeb and GoDaddy provides unlimited email services to their customers. There are no restrictions for emails and the number of attachments.
  • Any time support – Get instant support from the technicians 24×7 over phone or email or chat.

Choosing between MilesWeb and GoDaddy can be really tough because both are at the helm of providing the cheapest and best VPS service in India. But, with more features and functions at a slightly lower price, MilesWeb does win the bout over GoDaddy. Overall, anyone who is looking to start with VPS should definitely opt for MilesWeb rather than going for GoDaddy.

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