10 Simple Steps to Analyze your Competitor’s Website

10 Simple Steps to Analyze your Competitor’s Website

All successful businesses have stiff competition. Embrace competition as an asset but not a liability. It is an opportunity for your business growth. This is because the easiest way to increase your client base is by decreasing your competitor’s traffic and increasing yours.

To effectively do this, you need to evaluate and analyze your competitor’s website. Find a weakness and build on it and use that weakness to draw traffic to your site. You can also learn from mistakes they have made in the past before reaching where they are now.

These simple steps will help you to understand your competitor’s website so that you can effortlessly beat them on their own game.

1 Arm yourself with SimilarWeb tool

You can use this tool to mine those crucial data from your competitor’s website so that you can know their weaknesses. You need such information as total monthly visits, average time spent on each visit, top referring sites and the keywords which drag traffic to their site. A search engine ranking report software can help you to know which a better website between the two is. A careful study of these data can expose an expensive blunder which you can use against them.

2 Know their Alexa Ranking

Get yourself Alexa tool so that you can understand their Alexa ranking on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Bing, and Firefox. This excellent tool will also let you know the region their traffic is coming from. With such data, you can effectively plan your next campaign.

3 Know the type of visitors they get

With a tool like Quantcast, you can attempt to know the gender, age, religion and other personal affiliation of their visitors. This data can be tracked online so that you can visualize how the marketing campaign can influence traffic.

4 Know their advertising and marketing strategy

You can use serpstat tool to mine advertising and marketing data from your competitor’s website. This will aid you in your marketing campaign for you will already know what works and what does not. The beauty of this tool is that it can mine data for you which are as old as two years.

5 Monitor their social media SEO campaign

You can use such tool as Agency Analytics to study and evaluate their Search Engine Optimization campaigns. Their successes and weaknesses will thus be laid bare for your scrutiny and utilization. This tool is also handy in studying all links your competitor has employed in his website.

6 Get an in-depth insight into how their company is run

You should know how your competitor’s company is run. With such tool as Mixrank, you can mine the names of and contacts of essential members of competitor’s company. You can also know the type of technology they are using and for how long.

7 Know how and where they advertise

Good advertising is a key for any successful business. The platform used to advertise greatly contributes to the success rate of advertising and marketing campaign. You should know if your competitor is advertising on Google AdWords, Bing, SiteScout, Tribal Fusion, ClickBooth and 90 others with a simple tool such as WhatRunsWhere. This tool will also provide real-time data on the keywords your competitor is using to increase traffic.

8 Know their secrets

Every business has information which they would like their competitors not to access. Such information is jealously guarded by the top management. Aim to get this so that you can always know what they are up to. Datanyze software can mine information such as like your competitor’s source of funding, the country his domain is registered in, and the current technology they are using. You can also use this software to estimate the amount of money they spent on marketing. Such information is vital when you want to know if you are overspending or underspending on your marketing campaign.

9 Study their social media activities

Nowadays, most people access the internet via mobile devices. Gone are the days when laptops and computers were the only online business communication tools. Unfortunately, and fortunately for you, some businesses have not changed with time. When you study your competitor’s social media activities, you might pinpoint a blunder they are making or an omission you can maximize on.

10 Just ask them

You can decide to directly request, politely and tactfully of course, for the information you need as long as such information is not directly connected with the competition. First, befriend them by joining all their social media activities before you request for the information you need. You will be surprised how generous people can be even when they compete.

Online competition is getting stiffer by the day. Those who fail to style up will soon go under. You can know where to start by analyzing your competitor’s website.

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