Free Unblocked Music Streaming Sites At School, College & Office

Best unblocked music streaming website

We all love to hear music because…

Music is a heart-beat of our life but..

There is restriction of playing music or games in our working place so music sites unblocked by schools, colleges and offices.

The challenge of working is altogether another matter but when it comes to entertainment, music and games are the best option’s

However, that may not be the end of your problem. How often have you came here to find best unblocked music sites you so because you heartily love music.

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Here is a list of unblocked music sites, it will help you as a refreshment between working hours.



BlueBeat music streaming website

A website boasting an array of genres and the best pop stars along with country legends, Bluebeat allows you to listen your songs brightly and more clearly owing to its superior audio collections.

Most importantly, all the songs are not clips but full version so you don’t have to worry about stopping in between your favorite part of the song. Here you can create your very own playlist and add the beats that make you groove.

The ace of its pack, though, is something that will blow your mind: Three-dimensional music. Yup, you heard it right! If you thought that your most loved songs couldn’t get any better, check them out at this unblocked music playing sites to find out more.


 Best unblocked music streaming website

When it comes to music, along with good quality audio, aesthetics is a big and often overlooked aspect. Jamendo though, stands proudly as an unparalleled exception.

With looks that make sure you just don’t listen but scour through their collection, this is one of the best unblocked music listening site that you can bookmark right away.

Containing a huge list of independent artists, it’s a wonderful platform for the budding musicians and offers the listeners a welcome break from what’s on offer in the mainstream media.

You can create your very own playlist and add the tunes to get in your groove every morning. Additionally, they also have the radio music stations, both popular and unexplored to give you a break if you can’t seem to know where to look for your music.


 Best Playlistsound music

The most notable feature once you log into Playlistsound is the music bar at the bottom of the page. Add your song and let it play while you are combing through the rest to find your perfect tracks.

Playlistsound has a list of the 50 most popular music tracks right now and featured on most popular genres to check out if you’re one of the curious souls or New releases you might have missed out this week, Playlistsound is a highly recommended site and it must be bookmarked in your web browser.


 Grooveshark unblocked music

One of the best unblocked music sites at school that you can easily access sans any red flag being raised, enjoy your day oblivious to the boring classes at school. Check out the latest songs and most popular genres.

The most exciting feature is that it allows you to download music on your device and hence gives you the freedom to carry your jam wherever you go.

Grooveshark has been gathering popularity among the school folks for a good reason. So, the next time you want to have music on the go, you know where to look.

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Unblocked Purevolume music site

We all know about most free unblocked music website that let you download and enjoy music but how many of them can let you upload your own?

If you’re eyebrows haven’t come down yet, it’s okay. While listening to your favorite song, there are many instances when those tracks would have been completely alien to your friends.

Those who have landed in a foreign country will know the pain. While the track may give you chills, you may have been left looking like an oddity while discussing those tracks.

No matter how many people you share it with, you’ll always find folks far away not knowing anything about it. Say goodbye to those days with Purevolume and what’s more, you can enjoy all those tracks in your school with one of the most popular unblocked music sites for school.


clearlydrunk music site

A useful to do cool stuff with your music, clearlydrunk lets you listen to all your favourite stars under one roof. Enjoy all the music that you want by tweaking your proxy setting first.

A bit of bummer, but this free music site is worth the trouble. Once done, you get to explore and enjoy all the cool songs and do more with your music.


Best HulkShare music site

Considered as the next big music site in the list is Hulkshare out scores it is most competition owing to the countless songs with top artists to give you a best music experience. A big feature of this website is the collection across all genres that lets you enjoy the best of the beats whether it’s a quaint housewarming party or having a blast at your friends’ party.


Spotify music streaming site

The unchallenged music mogul among all those out there, Spotify is a name that needs no introduction whatsoever, Spotify is one of the very rare good unblocked music sites at school that you can plug and play sans any worries.

Ad-free music is the biggest draw once you subscribe to the paid services. Boasting of stars and genres that many other players in this segment lack, Spotify has become the default music website of many households in the last couple of years. Starting at rates that don’t cost you dear, enjoy the best music anywhere, uninterrupted.


Pandora music site

Possessing an unbeatable collection of old and new songs, you can check out the best of the past and the future through Pandora. Enjoy seamless music across all genres and check out the trending songs of the day on your device wherever you are.

A free unblocked music site that encompasses a whole range of music to please a wide range of audience, it is currently available in the US, New Zealand and Australia.

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Soundzabound music streaming

Sounzabound lets you do much more with the music you love it provide free music library and variety of audio themes and sound effects in songs.

it’s more than listening:

The best royalty music website out there, explore the top unblocked music site to explore a whole new world of music. Sounzabound is must be in your mind to enjoy all the top hits, trending and latest songs so, go ahead and explore the best beating music.


No matter how much we tell you about trying a new website, there is no denying that old love is hard to let go. Well, you don’t have to anymore with Rocketsurf, you don’t have to let go anymore! Unblocked top music mp3 website and enjoy the solace of old comfort with nary a worry

Slacker music site

To say that this is one the best unblocked music sites at school available for free would be in this series. It’s like a haven for quality music, it possesses an amazing collection of songs that are sure to blow your mind and calm those nerves after a frenetic day at the office.

Go ahead and enjoy the best music online with slacker and explore all the songs, artists and genres and fret not about the keywords, it’s here that it leaves the other players far behind.

Share Your Best Music Site:

Well that was the list of all the websites that we feel are the best sites that are working for you to give some entertainment in your life. Once you join any of these sites, then you can get all the information about your favourite songs, popular artist and much more information.

If you want to share your favourite unblocked music sites with the rest of the world, then here are options to post comment and share it with those who eagerly finding music sites.

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