How Black Friday And Cyber Monday Can Boost Traffic To Your Blog

How Black Friday And Cyber Monday Can Boost Traffic To Your Blog

Whether you’re a beginner or have an established blog already you can easily boost traffic with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. This is the time of year when consumers are searching for a bargain.

Many shoppers are looking for information before making a final choice, and this is where you can get traffic and sales. Whatever niche your blog is in you can create reviews of products your audience would be interested in.

For example, a blog based on technology may attract visitors looking to buy the latest wide screen plasma tv. You could do all the research for them and create a review post. Appeal to their emotion and how it will make their life happier.

A travel blog could promote the best deals on flights or accommodation. A food blog could list bargain kitchen equipment or even great deals on cookery books.

If you have a pet related blog there are always plenty of Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals to choose from. Whether pet food, beds, or books on how to care for your pet you’ll never be at a loss for products to promote.

List all the pros and cons to help them make an informed decision. You can easily do this with Amazon by reading what other customers are saying. Then, either quote or rewrite in your own words.

Place your affiliate link to the product in the article itself and at the end in a call to action.

Big companies like Amazon and Ebay make it easy to create an affiliate account. You can find plenty of information on their websites to help you get started.

Make sure your target audience see your review page by creating a few paid ads. Facebook and Google are the main companies for paid advertising and make it easy to get started with. Be careful if you’re a beginner though, as it’s all too easy to go over your budget!


Use social media to drive visitors to your product reviews

Social media is a very powerful tool for getting targeted traffic to your blog. Pinterest is fantastic for driving sales and boosting traffic. Get your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in front of your audience by creating relevant boards.

Create an optimised description and pin your review posts. Make sure to post other related pins so you can quickly build up your board and start getting traffic.

Twitter is also a great platform for getting targeted visitors to your Black Friday or Cyber Monday offers. Use the hashtag to find followers using relevant keywords.

Create a facebook page and post short articles related to products you’re reviewing. Post regular status updates that link back to your review posts. Make them short but intriguing. Find attractive images to make your updates even more compelling.

Use HootSuite to schedule your social media posts weeks in advance. This allows you to quickly create posts for each platform and different Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers.

Grow an email list

If you don’t have an email list yet start building one. It will not only increase chances of making a sale but drive more traffic to your site as well.

Once you have people on your list you can market different products to them. Many of these subscribers will become regular visitors to your blog, increasing the volume of traffic. They may also become repeat buyers. Once a subscriber makes a purchase through you they’re more likely to buy from you again.

Create something to give away in return for their email address. It could be a short pdf report or even a video. Give good, valuable information in your give away product with a strong call to action at the end.

Offer an incentive

Boost traffic to your blog and increase Black Friday sales by offering a free gift or discount coupon if they purchase through your link. You must make it a no-brainer and it must complement their purchase.

You could set up deals with other bloggers who are in the same or similar niche. Building relationships is a great idea over the long term. It gives you the opportunity to set up joint ventures and cross-promote products long after Black Friday.

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