Importify Review 2023: Why You Should Join This Platform?


You might be confused how other dropshipping stores mostly work on automation with having less manual process.

The technology is advanced & automation technology has decreased the manual process.

Here we are with an in-depth review on Importify from which you can decide whether to go with Importify or not.

Importify helps to automate dropshipping business by using their advanced features & guide. With Importify you can BOOST your dropshipping business to the next level, But how?

Let’s dig into more detail to explore its features, benefits, pricing, pros, cons & final verdict.


πŸ‘ What is Importify?


Importify is a platform where you can import products and sell them with ease. It is compatible with hundreds of possible options to the wholesalers and suppliers like Alibaba, Etsy, Amazon, Taobao, AliExpress, Walmart, Dhgate, Banggood, and many more.

It imports the products and important data like photos, images, videos, etc. into your website. Moreover, Importify is integrated with Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce & Jumpseller.

πŸ‘Š Working Nature of Importify

Working of Importify

Before digging into more detail of Importify, review below exactly how does Importify works for your business. 

Get Started with Importify 

Sign-up to the Importify official website, and then choose an eCommerce platform like Wix, WooCommerce, etc. Then pick any plan of Importify as per your requirement and subscribe to that plan.

Select the Product to Sell 

After completion of the signing process, you can simply go with the research tool to get the full information on the best-selling products. In order to add the products to your store, all you need to do is just choose the product from the list, set the price, images, and other details, then give a click on the import button. That’s it. 

Get Traffic 

Getting traffic to the online store is the main concern for any business, and to do this they perform many tactics.

Coming to Importify, you don’t need to worry about traffic because it provides a complete step-by-step guide for you. Obviously, you can even get complete guidance on how to run an online business too.

From product research, ensuring long-term success, launching the online store, driving traffic to set up a perfect ad for your business everything is possible to learn at the Importify Dropshipping guide. 

Automate Dropshipping Business to Reach Goals

If you’re getting sales for your business, now you have to take a step ahead for fulfilling the orders with automation, and then be supposed to satisfy your customers.

No need to copy & paste the details, just utilize the Importify chrome extension as it allows you to fulfill the orders as fast as possible. Along with that, it is easy to place the customer details automatically from Amazon, AliExpress to your website checkout pages easily. 

πŸ€— What does Importify Provide to its Customers?

Sometimes for Dropshippers, it is difficult to manage the entire business, so that Importify helps you in every aspect to run the business more effectively to reach the goals easily. 

Can Import Products from Different Suppliers 

Import products from different suppliers

You are allowed to import different products with the help of Importify from various suppliers like AliExpress, Alibaba, Shopee, Banggood, Walmart, and many other wholesalers more than 30 in number.  

Allows to Automate the Product Orders 

The orders are said to be fulfilled easily and on the checkout page, it automatically gathers the information of all your customers. This makes you complete the purchase activity in a more convenient way. Use the override option, then it will be easy to migrate or else connect to other suppliers if necessary. 

Build a Successful Business

Dropshipping guide

To get full control of Dropshipping business, you can go through the guiding program as it offers from beginner to advanced level training system. From scratch, you find everything and also you can get to know how to manage & perform all the activities.

Even though it is a difficult task to maintain a dropshipping business, with Importify you can easily import best-selling products that help to increase profits in a shorter period of time.

πŸ‘€ Importify Features in Detail

Find Products

Find Products 

Finding the best-selling products is a tough task for anyone, and to make it easier Importify offers to spy on other competitor stores and then import the products to your store that brings more profits to you.

The first task of any dropshipping business is to review & find the best-selling products, quickly add products with Importify and sell them easily.  

Import Products with Just a Tap 

Import products directly from various suppliers and wholesalers such as Alibaba, AliExpress, Banggood, etc. and everything will be done with just a single tap. 

Set Rules for Pricing 

Calculating the target profit is another tough task, so at Importify you can set the different pricing rules for the products, and then you can import them to your online store. This method really helps you out to adjust the rates of the imported products.

Customize the Products 

The customization process to your product is easy with the Importify chrome extension, it allows you to do changes for the title, description, images, cost, and others, etc. 

Automation of Your Product Orders

Fulfilling the orders is easy with the help of the Importify Chrome extension and just place all the information of your customers to your online store on the checkout page. 

Easy to Switch Suppliers

There might be some difference in pricing of the products like if you choose a supplier that is selling the product at a higher price and whereas the other supplier is selling the same product at a low price. So, in these kinds of situations, your mind shifts to other suppliers. 

Without facing any risk you can shift to other suppliers with just one click by connecting it to your store. 

Auto-Assign Product collections

Auto Assign Product Collections 

Auto-assign the different product collections to your online store as Importify supports many popular platforms like Jumpseller, WooCommerce, and Shopify. 

Split the Product Variants 

The split variants feature at Importify allows you to separate the products. It means nothing but importing the products from different suppliers by separating them. 

Stay Connected with Existing Products

If you already have products on your online store that you imported from different suppliers, then the next possible option is to sign up to Importify and manage your Dropshipping business easily.

Import the Products from Shopify to Shopify

It will be easy to Import the products from one Shopify store to another Shopify store with the help of Importify. Just install the Firefox or Chrome extension and begin to add products from another Shopify store. 

Import Explainer Videos to your Product page

With the Importify Premium Plan and above you can import videos from Aliexpress, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy (and many more) to your product page. 

Import Reviews To your product page

Importify integrates with Editorify which gives you the ability to import reviews from multiples sources into your product page with a few clicks.Β 

πŸ”… Pros of Importify 

  • User Friendly interface
  • Easy to Use
  • Importing the products is super easy
  • Research products of any niche
  • The migration process to another supplier is easy
  • With importing you can enable to split variants
  • Offers various customization options
  • Automate the product orders effortlessly
  • It is easy to stay connected with the existing products
  • The customer support is good by the team
  • Import products from Shopify to Shopify store with ease
  • Pricing plans are affordable to invest

⚠️ Cons of Importify 

  • 1 Day Trial

πŸ’› Importify Testimonials

Importify Customer reviews

The customers of Importify are happy because it helped them to manage the dropshipping business easily. Over 10K users are in love with Importify from across the world and also shared their reviews on how satisfied with its services. You can check the image below to witness the details about reviews Importify is provided by its customers. The reviews carousel give absolute answers to your questions about whether to choose Importify or not. 

πŸ’₯ Importify Pricing Structure

Importify Pricing

A free trial period is available for a 14-days, Coming to the paid plans, the basic plan costs $14.95/month and $27.95/month is the premium version price. The cost of the gold version is $37.95/month.

Importify PlansBasic VersionPremium VersionGold Version
Importing the best-selling Productsβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
AliExpress & Amazon Suppliers/WholesalersβŒβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Availability of Semi-automatic feature for order fulfillmentβŒβŒβœ”οΈ
Product Customizationβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Set Rules for Pricing βœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Migrating and managing product suppliersβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Availability of Chrome Extensionβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
24/7 Customer Serviceβœ”οΈβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ

πŸ”₯ Final Conclusion on Importify Review 

The dropshipping business can be easy with the help of Importify as it is a great app and the process of importing products is so easy. The best part is it has more capacity in researching the best-selling products and moreover, it can integrate with different eCommerce stores such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, etc. 

By using it, you can quickly import the best-selling products of any niche from various suppliers like AliExpress, Amazon, Alibaba, etc. From researching the products, design of your products, setting pricing rules, every part will be done easily as Importify provides various features. 

On the whole review, Importify is a highly recommended platform for dropshippers as it maintains the dropshipping process easily that brings more profits. 

πŸ€— Frequently Asked Questions

🀞 Does Importify work with Alibaba?

Yes, Importify works with Alibaba, and along with that, it allows you to choose from other suppliers or wholesalers like AliExpress, Amazon, etc.

✌️ Why choose Importify for Dropshipping business?

Importify is one of the best platforms for dropshipping business as it focuses on bringing more marketing and sales. Even importing the products is easy from various suppliers.

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